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Running Around


I’ve been in and out of way too many stores this week because my mom, Logan, and I are prepping the house for my dad’s return. Over the last few days, we bough a ramp to get my dad’s wheel chair in and out of the house, grab bars, a shower transfer bench, shower curtains, and other odds and ends. Buying so much stuff to meet my dad’s new needs has been stressful because everything is so expensive. Luckily Medicare is helping with some of the stuff my dad will need, including a hospital bed, a commode, and a wheel chair.

In addition to buying lots of stuff we’ve rearranged the furniture in my parents home. Couches, books, desks, beds, and an odd assortment of knick knacks have been rearranged and piled up in my mom’s office. Later today we’ll be pulling my old room apart to make space for my dad’s hospital bed. Moving around so much stuff makes me very happy we’ve downsized.

In between all of the running around, I’ve been trying to breathe, write, and take photos. Self-care is important, so today my goal is to slow down, finish prepping the house, and to go on a long photo walk with Logan. I love going on photo walks. Plus, all I need is a camera, a notebook, pen, and a good pair of shoes.

Micro-action: If you’ve been busy running around all week, I’d suggest making a list of activities that encourage relaxation. For example, consider going on a photo walk this weekend and send me an email of your favorite shot. I’d love to see some of your creative work and hear about how you relax.

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