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How I Organize My Tiny Kitchen


Lately, I’ve been interested in macro photography and over the weekend I took a lot of pictures of my kitchen. While I was taking photos, I started thinking about how a well organized kitchen makes my life lovely. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from readers asking how we organize our little house. Today, I decided to share a few key ways we keep our tiny kitchen organized and lovely.

Less stuff, more multi-purpose items.

Logan and don’t have a lot of kitchen stuff. Instead, we use multi-purpose items that keep our kitchen clutter free. 

Use vertical space.

We have a lot of storage in our tiny kitchen. For example, we have a shelf above our kitchen counter and it holds holds glasses, dishes, and other goodies. Right below that shelf we installed mason jars to hold spices, coffee, and tea. It’s a great way to keep bottles and jars off the counter. In addition, we have a magnetic block that holds knives, scissors, and other kitchen tools. These solutions are visually appealing and save space.

Space saving containers.

In addition to using vertical space, we recently purchased a new organizer for our silverware. We used to have a flat plastic container that slipped into our drawer. It worked for organization, but it got dirty quickly. Now we use a wooden holder that sits upright and it fits into one of our cabinets perfectly. Our old silverware drawer is now used for towels and napkins.

A fruit-basket & mason jars.

Since we don’t have a refrigerator, we eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and grains. Our vegetables and fruit are placed in a basket that hangs out on our front porch and we use mason jars to store grains, like rice.

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