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I’m an author, photographer, traveler, and cat lover.

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Create a Lovely Life


The new year didn’t start off as I expected. As most of you know, my dad had a significant stroke and he’s still recovering. I don’t have my dad back, at least not yet, and that reality makes me feel incredibly sad. He’s getting a little bit better everyday, but the recovery process is going to be very long and we’re all trying to be as patient as possible. In addition, to my dad’s stroke my family is dealing with a few traumas that have caused me to reset my life once again. But things aren’t all bad.

Despite the gloomy start to the year, I’m incredibly grateful. My life is lovely, joyful, and beautiful. The past six-weeks have taught me that I can find the lovely in many things; in nature, in the way my mom smiles when she’s happy, and in my little writing business too. And speaking of writing, I’ve been working on a project that has infused me with joy and gratitude.

At the beginning of the year, my friend Courtney (the amazing author behind Be More With Less) and I decided to partner on a lovely project; a beautiful website called Your Lovely Life.

Your Lovely Life is a free resource for you. I hope you’ll explore the lovely content we’ve created, including:

In addition to the free site, we’re offering a series of lovely lessons. The first self-guided course focuses on creating space. The cost is $21 and it begins on March 19th. There are no early waiting lists, bonuses, or over the top sales pages. This course is open to anyone who’s interested in creating a lovely life.

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