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How to Overcome Loneliness


I don’t check my blog statistics often, but Logan does because he’s curious; curious about where my blog traffic is coming from and who is linking to RowdyKittens. Last night, he told me that my post on loneliness is one of the most visited articles on the blog. Interestingly, I’ve been thinking about this topic for the last few days because I’m worried about my mom.

Ever since my dad had a stroke she’s been feeling lonely and worried. Currently, my dad is still in a rehab center and my mom is all alone in a 2,000 square-foot house. She has her crazy puppy to keep her company, a part-time job, and friends, but I still worry. As she recently said on the phone, “It feels weird being alone in the house without Mahlon. It’s so empty.”

Ever since the stroke happened, I’ve been feeling worried and a little lonely too. I’m grateful that my dad is still here. However, he’s not the same. My dad is still disoriented and confused, so it’s going to be a while before I can carry on a conversation with him. The recovery process is going to be long and slow.

Rather than focus on my worries, I’ve been doing things like swimming, working, and spending time outside taking photos. Engaging in activities that I love make me feel less lonely.

Micro-action: Make a list of activities that help you overcome loneliness. Keep the list in a journal or in a visible spot in your house. Return to your list if you start feeling lonely.

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