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How to Create a Care Package


I love writing letters, receiving packages in the mail, and sending packages too. A few days ago, I decided to create a care package for my mom. Before running out to stores and buying a bunch of stuff, I looked around the house for stuff I could give to my mom.

For example, I have three books that she’s been dying to read including: My Stroke of Insight, Curious?, and Buddha’s Brain. I was planning on giving these books to the library; instead I’ll send them to my mom. Other items I included in the package are a dark pink journal and a bag of Ruby Nectar tea, from The Jasmine Pearl.

Even though the care package has a lot of fun goodies included, I felt stuck. So yesterday I asked for help on Google +.

Here’s the question I asked:

"Have you ever created a care package? What goodies did you include?"

If you're looking for good ideas to include in a care package, read these tips:

"A good quality moisturiser that smells devine. Something very soothing about using them, it's like self-care & love on both physical and emotional level". -Akiyo Kano

"A booklet of inspirational/happy quotes. Good quality chocolate. Words and food for the soul." -Mary Huang

"Stationary and stamps, hot tea packets, a gift card to a restaurant or coffee shop, funnyfuzzy socks, homemade cookies." -Becca Truly

"You know, I was just talking with someone yesterday about this. I made a care package several years ago for a friend when his mom died. I went and got several kinds of looseleaf tea, a small tea pot, tea cups, organic chocolate, and put it in a wooden box. We had worked together at a coffee shop and I knew some of the tea that we'd both liked so I got some of that (genmaicha) and I also put in some that I had recently discovered that seemed somehow right for grieving and restoration (jasmine)." -Amanda Abel

"I suppose it depends on her likes. Every year I send my mom, who moved to Florida, an envelope of fall leaves that I preserve using wax paper and an iron. In the spring I try to send her a couple of dogwood flowers. I also send her books I think she will enjoy, and now that we both have kindles I can gift her books to her kindle. I send her sparkly jewelry to wear with her ballroom dancing outfits, lotions and smells goods, candles, pictures of the weather changing and her grandkids, just little things I find that makes me think of her from day to day. I send her husband teas and little trinkets that remind me of him." -Heather Greeson

"If you know it'll get there in a timely manner, homemade cookies are the best inclusion. I used some bubble wrap to help protect them, although I've heard even broken cookies still taste great. Also, a great drink to accompany them would really add that extra bit of joy to it. Perhaps hot chocolate or some yummy tea? Maybe even a little coffee?" -Meredith Shadwill


If you’re creating a care package for a loved one, consider:

1. Giving away stuff you aren’t using, but make sure the items are things the person can use.

2. Think about what the person loves, like chocolate, books, a journal, jewelry, or lotion.

3. Make a list of stuff you can make by hand, like a card, scarf, or mittens.

4. Remember, if you create a package with love the person receiving the goodies will be very happy!

Micro-action: Create a care package of your own.

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