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Take a Tour of My Tiny Wardrobe

A few weeks ago Maria from Sweden asked me, "What kind of clothes do you keep?" Soon after I started The 100 Thing Challenge I downsized my wardrobe dramatically and for the last few years I’ve had about 30 pieces of clothing in my closet. I tend to wear the same types of clothes over and over again, so I structured my wardrobe around a few key items, like a black dress, black skirt, a few tops, and tweed jacket.

Recently, I've been thinking of revamping my tiny wardrobe because I need additional sweaters for winter. So on Sunday, I pulled everything out of my closet and took photos of each piece of clothing I own. Taking photos of my stuff is fun and it helps me let go of clothing I no longer need. And I figured I could give you a tour too!

If you’re interested in narrowing down your wardrobe, I'd encourage you to:

1. Take an inventory of your wardrobe.

2. Observe what you wear throughout the week. Make note of the outfits you wear to work, in the evenings, and on the weekends.

3. Consider the climate. Last year I went a little crazy and donated too many sweaters to charity and I shrank a few in the wash too. I also tried to give away my tweed jacket during the summer. Luckily, Logan stopped me. As you purge excess clothes, don't forget to keep items for the changing seasons! Don't go to crazy like I did.

In short, taking those three basic steps helped me minimize my wardrobe.

With that, I’ll give you a tour of my tiny closet. Most of clothes you see here were either purchased at Goodwill, at local bike shop, or were gifts.


The staples: Underwear, tights, and a few good bras.

In my experience, it’s impossible to feel comfortable in any outfit if I don’t have good underwear, tights and a few good bras. Right now, I’m in love with merino wool underwear from Icebreaker. I only have two pairs and they rock. Although, based on Gwen Bell’s recommendation I might give Ibex woolies a try.

As far as bras go, I’m a fan of camisoles and I can't go without tights either. Currently, I have two sets of tights - one is made out of cotton and the other from bamboo. I'm a huge fan of skirts, dresses and tights so I rarely wear pants. I have one pair of slacks from REI and they are in my emergency backpack.

Sandals purchased in Lake Tahoe. They are well loved. 


Felted slippers from a friend.


A blouse from Goodwill.


3 tank tops


A Tweed jacket from a vintage clothing shop in Sacramento.


Rain pants from REI, along with a cat tail. Elaina was determined to be part of this photograph.


A fun blouse from my mom. She purchased this in the late 70s. 


A black dress from Horny Toad


A Terry cycling sweater.


A black skirt from Goodwill.


WDS t-shirt. 


Two pairs of yoga pants.


Running shorts. 


A scarf I recently knit. 


My standard hat.


Gloves from my mom.


Purse from Keen.


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