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Two Cats in a Tiny House


Since we moved into the little house, I’ve received a lot of emails about the cats. Most readers have asked, “How are the cats adjusting to the new space? Are they happy?”

Sunday, marked the one-month anniversary of moving into the tiny house. We love the house and so do the cats. In short, we’re all happy and content.

I believe the cats have adjusted well to the new environment because we introduced them to the outside world slowly. Both Eliana and Christie have been indoor-only cats for their whole lives and we didn’t want to force them to go outside. So we let them explore their new environment one day at a time.

For instance, during the first week we were in the house the cats didn’t go outside. They spent most of the week sleeping and exploring every inch of the new dwelling. They also learned to climb the loft ladder within 24-hours of being in the house.

During the second week, they took very slow and tentative steps onto the front porch. They would stand on the porch for a few minutes and then run back inside the house. I left the front door open and watched them sniff the air and enjoy the sun from the window seat.

Before we knew it, both cats ventured onto the grass, explored every inch of the side yard and even sniffed noses with our neighbors dogs. Over the weekend, they both walked the fence line and yesterday Elaina crawled onto the roof of the big house! I can’t watch the cats all the time, so I leave the bathroom window open during the day so they can come and go as they please.

So far having two people and two cats in a 128 square-feet hasn’t posed a problem.

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I won’t be posting content to the blog until next week. Enjoy the upcoming holiday and the cat photos below. :)


Elaina crawls all over the roof . . .


I spy a cat. Do you?


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