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Tools for a Tiny Kitchen

Earlier this week, I posted an article about entertaining in our tiny house and a reader asked:

“It would be interesting to see a post/pictures of all your kitchen stuff. What equipment and tools did you keep and what did you toss? I’m wondering what’s truly necessary for a tiny home.”

At one time we had a very full and cluttered kitchen. For example, we had over two dozen coffee mugs, three dozen wine glasses, and enough china to serve 40 people. Plus we had a microwave, blender, coffee maker and other odds and ends that collected dust. All of that stuff was donated to charity about four years ago.

I’ve discovered that I don’t need a whole lot of kitchen stuff (or a refrigerator) to make yummy food. I only need a few good tools and fresh, local food. Plus superb company helps too.

Below are photos of the core items we use in our tiny kitchen. Let me know if you have questions.


The essentials: Olive oil, salt and pepper


A cast iron pan and splatter screen.


A well loved paella pan.


4 small wine glasses from Ikea.


4 cute blue mugs. Our friends Dave and Trina gave us these little mugs. They work well for coffee and tea.


Corkscrew and bottle opener. This is one of the few wedding gifts we've kept. It came in an epic wine basket, filled with wine and beautiful glasses. Unfortunately, I broke all of the glasses. I'm very clumsy.


A salad/mixing bowl. My mom got this for me as a wedding gift. It's was made by a potter in Red Bluff, CA.


4 plates and 3 bowls. Most of our kitchen stuff can be used for bike camping too. For instance, we've taken these plates on many camping trips.


A silver bowl for cooking pasta and other goodies, plus two small bowls for camping.


Tools for measuring.


Ikea strainer. We bought this strainer for $1! It's been in our kitchen for years. I love it!


Forks, knives, and other odds and ends.


A cheese grader and scissors.


Food storage containers.


A well loved kettle/tea pot.


What's in your kitchen? Share in the comments section.

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