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Savor Sunday: Packing & Cleaning

Earlier this morning, Logan and I packed up our stuff and cleaned our small apartment. The tiny house rolls into Portland next week and we’re incredibly excited about the move. Cleaning and packing aren’t my favorite Sunday activities, but it didn’t take as long as I expected and I had a reward pushing me forward. Whenever I work on activities I don’t like, I give myself a reward and this afternoon my bonus prize was a long hike in Washington Park. The air was cool, crisp and the sun was even poking through the clouds. Since I was inside all morning, it felt really good to get out and see the green trees and blue sky.

When I walked back into the apartment, Logan had freshly baked cornbread waiting for me and we topped off the evening with frittata for dinner. Tonight, I’m going to savor good food, a clean apartment, and my time with Logan. I’m practicing being in the moment. What are you practicing?

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