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September 2011 Review: Creating a Digital Sanctuary


Yesterday, I arrived at my hot yoga class early because I wanted to lay on my mat, bask in the heat, and review the month of September. I bring my journal everywhere and frequently have my best ideas before my daily yoga class begins. As I was laying on my mat I reviewed my journal notes and wrote down themes that emerged during the month of September.

I do monthly reviews for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, I have a verybad memory. My memory issues are part of the reason I write and review what I've done each month. Second, my monthly reviews hold me accountable to personal goals and by reflecting on what I've done (and haven't done), I'm able to move forward. Third, the reviews remind me to start every project with a beginner's mind.

Focus is my overarching theme for the year and every month I zoom in on specific themes. The month of September was dedicated to . . .

  • Writing. I've been experimenting with posting more frequently to the blog. I wanted to see if my writing would improve by hitting the publish button more often and I feel like it has. It's been fun and as long as the quality of my writing is good then I'll continue to publish frequently.
  • Photography. I recently started The Photo Essay Project with Bindu Wiles and I'm having a blast! I don't have an iPhone, but I'm taking all my pictures with my iPod Touch. If she offers the course again, you should check it out. Follow my progress here.

I'm excited about the month of October!

Previewing October

October's focus is organization.

We're moving into the little house in a few weeks, I'm continuing my classes, and working hard on my manuscript. I feel like the book is starting to come together but I have research, stories, and edits to make. These projects require an attention to detail and that means I need to stay organized.

Do you do monthly reviews? I'd love to hear about your process in the comments section.

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