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How to Make a Simple, Savory Cup of Coffee 


“Look at the coffee. See the oil on top?” Logan said.

I nodded my head yes and Logan went on to say, “From what I’ve read, the oil is what makes coffee taste good. If you want to do the pour over method, it’s important to slow down and let the oil gather on the top. It makes the coffee have a rich, savory flavor that you love so much.”

Yesterday, I asked Logan how he makes coffee because over the last month my coffee seems to be tasting worse and worse. Whereas, every cup of coffee Logan makes seems to taste better and better.

Coffee makes me happy. I love the flavor, the smell, and drinking it in the early morning. It’s a little pleasure that’s enjoyable and affordable. If my coffee is bad, I tend to get very cranky.

Since Logan’s coffee is so yummy, I wanted to share his coffee making method with you.

Our traditional automatic coffee maker produced really horrible coffee, so we started using the pour-over method. For a while we used a double walled, glass drip coffee maker and it was okay. The coffee got cold relatively quickly and we were in the market for something better.

Last year, Logan discovered the insulated Kleen Kanteen and started using the steel GSI H2Jo for a filter. Now, it’s our preferred way to make a cup of coffee. The system is simple, light, and easy to transport, which makes it perfect for bike camping, trips to visit family, and everyday use.

If you want to make a stellar cup of coffee follow these simple steps:

1. Add water to your little tea pot and bring it to a boil. I’ve been known to make coffee with warm water and that never tastes good.

2. Screw the filter onto the Kleen Kanteen. Then add in two heaping tablespoons of fresh, fine-ground coffee.

3. Slowly pour the water over the coffee. Slow is the key word here, it seems to help with the flavor, but perhaps its only the anticipation that makes it taste better. Also, if you pour too fast you risk overflow and being burned by scalding hot water.

4. Once you've filled the Kanteen with water, stir the grounds a few times. Then let the coffee sit for 30 seconds to a minute to brew.

5. Pull the filter off slowly and let the residual coffee drip into the Kleen Kanteen.

6. Pour it into a cup. I always add half and half because I love milky coffee.

7. Now, sit down, relax, and savor your cup of coffee. While you’re at it, read American's Most Caffeinated Cities.

Share your coffee making tips in the comments section.

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