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14 Days


Gneti kept biting Logan’s ankles as we sat in the sun and talked with Dee. We were on the front lawn of our soon to be home. The sun was shining and we all had our shoes and socks off. It was a perfect fall day and playing puppy games with Gneti made it both fun and relaxing.

As we played with Gneti, Dee asked, “What are you looking forward to most in your new home?”

On the surface this seemed like a simple question, yet it was difficult to answer. So I told Dee, “We’re looking forward to a lot of things, like living in a quiet neighborhood and being in tune with the seasons.”

Logan looked up from his tug of war game with Gneti and said, “We’re really looking forward to hearing the rain on the roof.”

Dee retorted, “Well, you’ll get a lot of that.”

After we visited with Dee we went to a local coffee shop and relaxed with some Rooibos tea and an americano coffee. Logan looked up directions to a local bike shop and I thought about Dee's question. I wrote a more extensive response in my journal and wanted to share a small snapshot with you.

I'm looking forward to . . .

- Living in a home that fits like a glove. - Sitting on our front porch. - Living in a beautiful backyard and having access to green space. - Watching the light stream through the french doors. - Observing how the experience of living in a little house will change me. - Cleaning less. - Being more generous with my time.

We’ve been living in the belly of an apartment building and we’re looking forward to being outside more. Our apartment is cute, but it doesn’t get much light and sometimes I feel like I’m living in a cave. In 14 days, that’s going to change. We’ll be moving into our little house on October 23rd!

Motion and Stillness 

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