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Building Smalltopia: A Look Inside our Loft


Every time I see a small sleeping loft, I think about the first time I met Dee Williams. A few years ago, we attended a little house construction workshop put on by Portland Alternative Dwellings. Prior to the workshop, I had corresponded with Dee about the best places to stay in PDX. We were the only workshop attendees that were visiting from outside Portland. So Dee suggested that we stay in her little house and try the small space "on for size".

After a long day of building stuff in the sun, Logan and I were exhausted. But the excitement of meeting Dee and being in her famous little house kept us awake talking about our dreams and how happy we were that we made the long drive from Sacramento to Portland.

When I initially climbed into the sleeping loft, I thought it would feel small and cramped. To my surprise, the loft wasn't cramped and the space felt very big. I think that's because of the full size skylight and window above the bed. It gave the loft an openness that you wouldn't necessarily expect inside this diminutive dwelling.

When we received the most recent photo of the tiny house Logan turned to me and said, "It's hard for me to believe we have a bedroom loft of our very own, just like the one in Dee's house, and it looks so big!"

The picture to the right is a recent photo from Katy. (For those of you who are new readers, Katy is a finish carpenter who is building our tiny home.) The pitch of our tiny roof is at a 50 degree angle, whereas Dee's roof is at a 45 degree angle. Dee encouraged us to go with this option because it will give us more room in the sleeping area.

I can't wait to sleep in this space, to gaze at the evening stars, and watch the rain drip down the window pane.

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