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Building Smalltopia: Shelves + The Kitchen


To your right, you'll see a few shelves and the beginning of our very tiny kitchen! I'm super excited to display my diminutive library on those shelves and boil water for coffee on our tiny range.

In addition to the latest tiny house photos, I have a few big updates.

First off, we're heading to Gig Harbor this weekend to see the house and talk about final design details with Katy. A few people have jokingly asked if we'll be biking up to Gig Harbor. It's a little far for a weekend ride, so we'll be using ZipCar.

Second, friends offered to let us park the little house in their backyard for the winter. We will be paying rent, but it's going to be less expensive than our current apartment. I'm excited to explore North Portland!

Finally, I talked to Katy last weekend and asked for an estimated completion date. To my surprise she said the house will be done by mid-October! My 33rd birthday is on November 6th, so moving into our tiny dwelling will be the perfect gift.

One of my articles, From Large to Little: My Tiny House Saga, was updated and syndicated on BlogHer. Check it out!

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