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The Photo Essay Project


I had the pleasure of meeting Bindu Wiles at the World Domination Summit in June. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to talk with her for very long because I was volunteering. But she immediately struck me as someone who's incredibly sincere, kind, and giving.

I've been following her work for a while and I'm in awe of her iPhone photography! She consistently posts amazing photos that capture the beauty of people and places.

Photography is a big part of my life. I constantly snap pictures with my big camera, a Nikon D5000, and my iPod Touch. For me, taking photos is a form of meditation. It forces me to slow down and look for the tiny, little details that make life so inspiring.

And speaking of inspiring stuff . . .

Last week, I volunteered at Living Yoga and the Volunteer Coordinator asked me to take photos at their annual gala. I was honored by the request and said yes. Logan and I attended the gala last year and it was incredible. Seeing so many people come together for such an amazing organization made me cry. Hopefully, my photos do the event justice.

To beef up my photography skills, I'm considering enrolling in Bindu's Photo Essay Project. Regardless of whether or not I enroll, I wanted to let you know about the project. If you have an iPhone (or an iPod Touch that has a camera) and love taking photos, consider signing up for the course. It starts on Monday, September 26th and runs for five weeks.

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