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August 2011 Monthly Review: Dealing with Digital Clutter & Focusing on Relationships


A furry kitten is sitting on my lap, keeping me warm, as a cool breeze drifts through the window. The sun is rising later and the fall air seems to been sneaking into the Pacific Northwest. I just finished off a cup of coffee, which tasted a whole lot like chocolate, while paging through my notebook. The month of August was extraordinary!

For the past two years, I’ve done an annual review and picked a theme to work with. 2011 is my year of focus. It’s my overarching theme, but I zoom in on specific areas. For example, this month I focused on clearing out digital clutter and spending time with my family.

Normally, I don’t post my monthly reviews on the blog. Today, I decided to embrace vulnerability and share some August highlights and my plans for September. 

Digital Decluttering. Letting go of crappy content and starting fresh were two themes that emerged in my digital world this month. I deleted my old email, which included 30,000 archived messages, and cleaned up my photo library too.

In addition, I deleted a lot of my old posts from 07, 08, and 09. The stuff that's left on RowdyKittens is a better representation of who I am now. Even thought I've cleared out the gunk, I'm still focused on realigning the site.

Align Your Website with Gwen Bell.I've been following Gwen Bell's work for a while and have been watching the realignment of her website. The work she's done inspired me to take a hard look at RowdyKittens. As a result, I decided to make a few changes to the site and my lovely brother in-law, Tyler, designed a new logo too!

In addition, I enrolled in Gwen's new course. I'm excited about the course and I'm curious to see how it will affect my digital work. Be on the lookout for more changes to the site.

Travel. I spent a lot of time in California this month. I had conversations with my mom about ducks and waves and spent time in Chico with my brother and sister in-law and my super cute niece and nephew.

The trip was beautiful and reminded me that I have to re-prioritize family time. Part of this re-prioritization has included a lot of conversations about moving to Ashland in August 2012.

What's happening in September?

Writing. I’m still working hard on my print book and will send a few chapters to my editor at New World Library this month. I’m excited about getting feedback on the manuscript!

Volunteering. During July and August I didn't volunteer much. I needed a break to focus on writing. But I'm back in the game and I'm excited to spend more hours at Living Yoga during September.

Goals. I'm focusing on a few personal goals this month. But I won't share them publicly until the end of September. If you’re wondering why, then watch this talk by Derek Sivers.

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