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The Postcard Project


As I stood in the Northwest Travel Mart, a wave a travelers rushed by. It looked liked the group was late for their flight. Their carry on luggage weaved behind them and one of the bags, a red bag with shaggy trim, was so torn up it looked like the wheels might fall off. I happened to be browsing through the postcard rack when this motley crew of travelers hurried by. The woman who was wheeling the torn up bag missed a step and crashed into the rack. I jumped back as all the postcards fell to the ground.

She moved back quickly and took off. As she was running toward the gate she turned around and said, "I'm so sorry! I don't want to miss my flight."

I shrugged my shoulders and helped the cashier pick up all the postcards. As I put them on the counter I leafed through the pile and decided to buy a few. They were only $.25 cents each and I figured I could start a postcard project while I was traveling.


Recently, I've been struggling with a case of homesickness. I love Portland, but I miss my Mom, Dad, and California buddies. Logan has been listening to me whine about this for months.

Rather than continuing to make such a fuss, I decided to make time to visit my friends and family. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity, time and money to make this trip. It still blows my mind that my job allows me this kind of flexibility.

The only downside of the trip is I won’t get to see everyone I love. So I decided to challenge myself and do something fun. For the next 30 days, I'm going to send one postcard a day to a family member or friend and tell them a little bit about my trip and how much I appreciate them. As Todd Kashdan says in Curious?, "Our relationships need to be regularly checked on and fed if we want them to grow."

If you're interested in doing something similar, you only need a few tools to get started:

1. Thirty postcards. Postcards run between $.25 and $.50 a pop. That's only $15.00 on the high end.

2. A good pen. I recommend Pigma Micron pens. I started using these after I read Dan Price's book How to Make a Journal of Your Life. One Pigma Micron pen runs about $2.80 and a pack of pens is roughly $18.00.

3. Finally, you'll need stamps. You can pick up 30 postcard stamps for roughly $11.50.

So, this little project will cost just over $20 for the whole month! Talk about an inexpensive way to brighten someone's day! In a world where email is ubiquitous, sending small notes to your friends and family is one way to add a little magic and depth to your relationships.

How do you infuse magic into your relationships? 

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