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Blissful Reflection: Singing in the Park


The hot air seemed to stick to my skin. However, I was distracted from the heat because my two year-old niece Ella, was dancing on her tiptoes in the bright green grass. Her necklace set off her blue eyes and she had on a bright pink t-shirt that said, "Life is Sweet." The sentiment reflected her carefree mood. Kids, like Ella, have a way of gently reminding me that life doesn't have to be so serious and that a little singing and dancing in the park can make a hot day a whole lot more bearable and fun. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to spend a few days with Ella. She reminded me to be lighthearted and to be grateful for my wonderful life.

In addition to spending time with Ella, I hung out with a lot of friends and family members over the last few weeks. As my fingers fly across the keyboard, scenes from my California trip roll through my mind. I'm exited to see Logan and all my wonderful Portland friends. Yet, I already miss California.

The song lyric, "I left my heart in San Francisco," keeps popping into my head. I didn't leave my heart in San Francisco, but little bits of my heart are scattered all over Northern California.

Rather than focusing on my feelings of sadness, I decided to focus on gratitude. Here are a few of the micro-actions I'm going to take this week.

- I'm going to say "thank you" more often and mean it. People can tell when you're being fake. - The Postcard Project will be part of my daily routine and I'll continue to look for fun new ways to express gratitude to friends and family members. - I will share something lovely with my digital friends.

I'm happy that we moved to Portland. It's been a tremendous growth opportunity for Logan and I. However, I also know that I need to be closer to my family. We haven't decided when or where we're going to move, but it will probably happen sometime next year. The lovely city of Ashland is on our list because it's near family.

If we're closer, I might get to sing and dance in the park more often with Ella.

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