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Building Smalltopia: We've got siding!

After years of talking about building a little house, our dream is finally turning into reality. It's hard to believe that we'll be moving into our new abode in November. And it's even harder to believe that we've downsized to the point of being able to live in such a tiny dwelling. We're really excited about the big move and judging from all the inquires I've received recently, so are you.

Two common questions have emerged in the comments section and my inbox. Below are my responses:

1. Can you give us a construction update?

Since our little house is being constructed in Gig Harbor, I don't get to see it everyday. Katy, our talented builder, has been sending us frequent photos via her iPhone. She recently put up the siding, which is rough hewn cedar. Also, the windows and electrical wiring have been installed too!

Sometime in September, we'll make a trip to Gig Harbor to visit Katy and take lots of photos of the little house. I'm really excited to see the interior of the home because one of Katy's many talents is finish carpentry.

2. Where are you going to park the little house?

We haven't decided where we are going to park our little house. We're thinking about moving to a little RV Park out on Sauvie Island. It's just outside Portland and I love the island. However, the commute to and from town is long. It's doable without a car, but we'd prefer to be a little closer to the city. At this point, we're keeping our options open and continue to look at potential parking spots within the city limits.

Do you know of someone who is interested in hosting us? Contact me: tammy (at) rowdykittens (dot) com and pass on the flyer.


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