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Blissful Reflection: Ducks & Waves


My mom looked at me with wide eyes and said, "I wish I was a duck. Then I could be in the water all year long! I could even fly to different lakes too!"

I laughed aloud, pushed my paddle into the water a little bit further and said, "Now that would be fitting and perfect."


Since Monday, I've been hanging out with my parents in Lake Tahoe and today is our last day here. Lake Tahoe has been full of waves late in the day, but the water is like glass at sunup.

Every morning we've stumbled out of bed at 6.30 to go kayaking on the lake. The average temperature has been 36 degrees and the RV is incredibly chilly. We pull ourselves out from under the covers because the orange ball in the sky warms us up quickly. As we kayak along the shore, it feels like the sun has cast an invisible blanket upon us.

I spent a lot of time at Lake Tahoe as a kid and it seems like everything I see contains a childhood memory. My memories are like the afternoon waves. They start with tiny ripples and then grow larger and stronger as the day goes on.

In my weekly letter, I talked about how time is the real wealth and that I'm grateful to be here with my folks. I'm especially thankful to have the early mornings with my mom. We're both like little ducks floating along the waves. As my mom says, "Quack. Quack."


What's made your summer blissful? Share your story in the comments section.

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