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Building Smalltopia: The Foundation + An Oven

During the World Domination Summit, I met a lot of amazing RowdyReaders. (Thanks for saying hi!) At least 30 of you asked about our little house and it's status.

Below is a tiny update:

The Foundation. In early May we ordered the trailer for our little house. Essentially, the trailer is the foundation of the little house. It's 16 feet long and 8 feet wide. The trailer is being built by a company outside of Portland called Iron Eagle.

Dee, our tiny house designer, emailed me and said the trailer will be ready next week. They are running a little behind, but that's okay. Construction is still set to begin sometime this month.

A Tiny Range. Logan has been scouring craigslist for recycled materials we can use for the little house. Some of the things we're looking for include a front door, windows, and a kitchen sink.

Last week, he found a tiny range (a small oven)! The model is called an Origo 6000 Alcohol Range. Normally it retails for $1500 (US) after shipping, but Logan found it for $800! The original owners were going to use it in their boat, but it didn't fit. It's been lightly used and it's super cute.

Why an alcohol stove? You can read a detailed description about the range at Kai and Shelia's blog. We bought the same tiny range.

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