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Take This Job & Shove It

Over the last few months, I’ve been interviewing amazing bloggers about simple living, location independence, financial freedom, and more. This week the feature interview is with Tyler Tervooren, from Advanced Riskology.

Enjoy the interview!


Tammy: Tyler, can you tell us about your awesome new (and free) ebook, Take This Job & Shove It? Also, take a moment to explain the philosophy behind your blog.

Tyler: Of course. Take This Job & Shove It is a step by step, practical resource for anyone that's stuck in a job they hate and dream about the day they can quit, but can't see the connection between the two. I decided to write it after making the huge changes in my life that led up to the creation of the blog.

When I was still working in the construction industry, almost every single day I'd have a chat with my co-workers (and even my boss!) about what we'd do if we didn't need our jobs anymore. Some of us wanted to start our own business and some of us just wanted to find a way to make a decent living doing some hobby. Every day we'd have this conversation and every day it would end with everyone saying, "but I'm lucky to have this job."

I wrote the guide for anyone that's had that conversation before, whether it was with friends or just with their self.

The philosophy behind Advanced Riskology is that we all learn, grow, and succeed far more when we take big risks in our lives than when we try to play it safe and "just get by." My goal is to help people live interesting lives by taking bigger risks.

Tammy: One of my favorite parts of Take This Job and Shove It is your discussion of the F*** You Fund. Can you tell us a little bit more about the concept and what our readers can do today to start building an F*** You Fund?

Tyler: So, a F*** You Fund is the money you set aside while you're still working so that when the day comes, you can walk into work and telling your boss to "take this job and shove it." Of course, it doesn't have to be so dramatic, but I found that giving it a name like that makes it more fun to actually keep up with.

I go into a lot of details in the free guide about how to build it and stick with it as well as some of the misconceptions around it like the idea that it has to take a long time or that it has to be a ton of money, but I think Rowdy Kittens readers are great candidates for building a F*** You Fund because their already predisposed to living what I call a "low overhead" lifestyle.

Anyone interested in minimalism that has a few personal finance skills already has exactly what it takes to be super effective with the information in Take This Job & Shove It.

My #1 tip for someone that wants to start today, though? Open a savings account and set up a weekly automatic transfer to it. Doesn't matter how much. Just get it started.

Tammy: What's your opinion of minimalism and do you consider yourself a minimalist?

Tyler: I consider myself more of a maximalist with minimalist tendencies if that makes any sense!

Basically, my life strategy is to fit as many experiences as possible into my short time here on Earth. When I'm lying on my deathbed, I want my brain to be "stomping on the suitcase" full of memories trying to get it to close.

In order to achieve that, though, I take on a lot of minimalist principles. I own very few material possessions. I only spend my money on things that will leave me with an awesome memory, and I am always in search of the simplest and most elegant way to achieve a goal. I despise complexity.

So, some minimalists might call me a contradiction in that sense, but I'm ok with that!

Tammy: Your blog rocks and I think everyone should head over and take a look at your content. Which of your posts should my readers check out first?

Tyler: If I had to guess which post would be the most popular with minimalists it would be the one about how to instantly add 8.2 years and $133,369 to your life. Hint: It has to do with your TV.

Tammy: Everyone has unique skills; skills that I call superpowers. What is your superpower?

Tyler: Ha. Great question! I think my superpower is the power to "move on." I occasionally get emails or notes from readers asking, "I want to do [something cool, but scary] but what if it doesn't work and [something crappy] happens instead"?

My answer is usually, "big deal." I mean, I try to be nicer and more helpful than that, of course, but I'm really all about picking up after and moving on when something doesn't go my way. That's critical I think in a life filled with risk taking.

Failure is just part of the game. It happens all the time, but I'm really not interested in dwelling on it. We learn a lot more from our successes than we do failures, so when I screw something up, I spend a few minutes looking for the big "Duh!" that I need to remember not to repeat, and then I get on with trying again.

Also, I have x-ray vision.

Tammy: Thanks Tyler!

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