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Danielle LaPorte, "Growing an Empire that Works for You."

Normally I don't post on Wednesday's. However, I'm really excited about this brief interview with Danielle LaPorte and had to share it with you. She is the creator of WhiteHotTruth.com which has been called "the best place on-line for kick-ass spirituality."

Danielle is launching a beautiful new product, THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS, which "helps entrepreneurs rock their career according to their truest strengths." Pre-Ordering for The Fire Starter Sessions begins on today!

Enjoy the interview peeps!


Tammy Strobel:
Danielle, you're getting ready to launch The Fire Starter Sessions. Can you tell us about the sessions and how they will help people?

Danielle LaPorte: THE FIRE STARTER SESSIONS is an e-book meets video seminar of business acumen, love, and straight up wisdom. Mojo, cashflow, time management, fear management, CREATIVITY - I hit all the how to's of growing an empire that really works for you.

Tammy: You talk a lot about the importance of creativity on your blog. Can you recommend a few ways our readers can start to cultivate creativity in their lives?

Danielle: You need to really want it. Root into the desire of wanting to be freer, more open, innovative, bright. And from that place, things will show up for you.

And this simple question can light a fire: What inspires you and why? Knowing why something attracts or compels (or repels) you helps you generate more of it in your life. It also helps you realize when something really doesn't float your boat and you've been faking yourself out about it.

Tammy: What are your thoughts on self-imposed limitations and the "lizard brain?"

Ah yes, the lizard brain. Survival is like, useful.

Self-imposed limitations can be a major act of creativity, I'm talking more about discipline and the boundaries that come with being focused on your art. It's what Twyla Tharp called "The Bubble". You enter a zone for a period time to get the art out, to get the job done by letting yourself be consumed. You can't live in that bubble always, but it's a sweet, productive place to be.

The other kind of limitations...everyone has got them. I have an endless amount of weaknesses - things that drain me -- and they limit me, for sure. But I have some core strengths that I feed and nurture, and they tend to make my limitations look like silly illusions.

Tammy: What book(s) are you always telling people to read?

Danielle: Good To Great by Jim Collins; The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

Tammy: Everyone has unique skills; skills that I call superpowers. What is your superpower?

Danielle: Listening.


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