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Creating Connections Through Gratitude

I have come to the conclusion that to be complacent is to be ineffective and to be tolerant of obvious error or injustice is unforgivable. Perhaps there is something amiss with the genes of Homo sapiens that does not innately command us to protect our home, Earth, as we instinctively protect ourselves.

~Ansel Adams: An Autobiography

Since gratitude is a key component to happiness and living a simple lifestyle, I'd encourage all of you to spend a few hours a week on volunteer project. Start creating connections through gratitude.

The following are some examples:

  • Volunteer at a local homeless shelter.
  • Donate your professional skills to a non-profit in need.
  • Get involved with bike advocacy.
  • Become a big brother or sister.
  • Help your family, friends or acquaintances with a project.

The list of projects is endless, but it's important to get started somewhere.

Micro-Action: Devote 2 hours per week to a gratitude project.

I love blogging and I truly value the connections I've made through RowdyKittens and online social networks. I also want to balance this by giving back in my local community through volunteering. It's another one way to express gratitude and create connections.

I was incredibly happy to see so many thoughtful comments on my last post about gratitude. Reading your comments reminded me of the Mindfulness Project, which discusses ways we can be mindful and grateful through our everyday actions. I've been thinking a lot about gratitude lately, especially since I've been working on my e-book, Simply Car-Free. My close friends (and Logan) have been incredibly helpful.

To take advantage of this feeling of reciprocity, I decided to spend 4 to 8 hours a week on gratitude projects. Earlier this week, I devoted my time to working on a few websites for family members. It felt wonderful to give back to my family, especially after all of their help with the move.

I also decided to get involved with Living Yoga. It's a "non-profit outreach program teaching yoga as a tool for personal change in prisons, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, transitional facilities, and to populations who would otherwise not have access to it."

I'm really excited to start volunteering with this organization and meet other members of the Portland community.

How are you going to give gratitude?

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