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Bike Storage for Tiny Homes

Recently, a reader emailed me and asked:

I was wondering about bike storage in/on a tiny house. I've thought about installing bike hooks on one side of the house and locking the bike to it, but the weather in the northwest is often hard on a bike.

I even thought about trying to make a space above the porch and under the roof, with a pulley system to get the bike up under protected cover. But I'm not sure if it will fit. Is the answer a tiny garage or storage shed to go with the tiny house? Any thoughts on that?

We've considered...

1. Mounting the bikes on the tiny house.

2. Building a tiny shed for the bikes.

3. Or storing the bikes in a neighbor's garage.

Bike storage concerns aren't a problem right now. Luckily our new apartment has bike storage in the basement. Now we don't have to drag the bikes up and down the stairs. But I'm afraid storing the bikes in our future tiny house will be difficult.

What are your thoughts on this topic? And do you have any creative design ideas?

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