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4 Tips to Downsize Your Desk

The ideas presented in The Simple Guide to a Minimalist Life have been on the tip of my tongue all week. As a result, Logan and I had a conversation about minimalist work spaces, productivity and his desk. I had a love/hate relationship with Logan's desk. It's a great workspace but the desk was a clutter bomb; covered in paper and other random items.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into our apartment and found a beautiful, minimalist desk! On the spur of the moment Logan decided to purge excess stuff and accessories from his desk. Below are a few strategies Logan used:

1. Create a clutter free desk.

Removing excess trinkets, paper and notebooks from your work space will give you more space to focus on writing or other creative endeavors.

2. Remove unnecessary desk accessories.

For instance, Logan removed the key board platform, a drawer, an elevated laptop tray and the key board. As a result, he has a clean work surface. All the extra material was donated to the local SPCA. Plus, Logan's brother took the laptop tray off our hands.

3. Say goodbye to paper.

Paper can create clutter. For example, Logan scanned a number of his documents into PDFs. Now that his documents are on his computer (and tagged appropriately), he can easily find the content he needs for his dissertation.

4. Use Leo's ideas to refine your workspace.

Logan was inspired by Leo's chapter on the minimalist workspace and also loves his blog Zen Habits. Logan said this was "the perfect opportunity to remove clutter and stop procrastinating."

Would you add anything to the list?

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