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Portland Bound!


Over the Thanksgiving holiday we made some big decisions. I decided to leave my day job and we're moving to Portland at the end of January.

I'm excited, sad and scared all at the same time. Leaving my day job, friends and Sacramento were hard decisions to make. I work with amazing people and have learned an incredible amount at this job.  Sacramento has been a great city to us and we have made so many good friends that it makes leaving bitter sweet.

The questions on the tip of everyone's tongue is: Where are you going to work? And why are you leaving such an awesome job?!?

Logan is nearly done with his PhD program and has a number of teaching prospects in the Portland area. He's thrilled to be finishing his Ph.D; it's been a long haul and he is also sad to leave behind mentors and friends at the university.

I've decided to take some time off, settle into Portland and get to know the community. After this short sabbatical, I'll plunge into my new career: freelancing! I've got a number of projects lined up and I'm incredibly excited. Being location independent has been on my life list for years. Living a simple and frugal lifestyle has helped us make this dream a reality.

Moving to Portland has been on our life list for a while and it's perfect timing to make the leap. We're extremely fortunate to have the liberty to make such a decision; especially when you consider the current economic climate and high unemployment rates. With that in mind, we've prepared for the best and the worst and we are ready to start a new chapter in our lives.

We look forward to the new challenges and opportunities this transition will bring. With an optimistic spirit we say "farewell Sacramento, and hello Portland!"

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