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Minimalist Moving: Questions to Consider

Our big move is approaching quickly. Over the weekend, we started preparing for our move up north. For the holidays we're going to combine visiting family, moving a few things and scouting apartments in Portland. We're excited for this trip! We can't wait to visit with friends, family and our future city. :)

We decided to store some of the stuff we don't need immediately at the ranch during our visit. During this pre-move planning I've been asking myself these questions:

1. What do we really need?

2. How much would it cost to move the big stuff? Like our bed, chair and desk?

3. How much does our stuff effect the freedom to move around?

We don't need a lot and the cost of moving our big stuff is ridiculous. Slowly but surely we're giving away big and small household items. GardenPunk took a few houseplants off our hands to add to her refugee collection. My friend Debby is taking our chair and footstool. The desk is going to some of Logan's grad student friends at UC, Davis. I am still looking to find a good home for our bed and cat tower.

We don't have many personal items, but the household stuff takes up a lot of space. Friends who have seen our apartment would disagree. I'd probably get the eye roll and something like: What?!? You barely have any furniture or kitchen items!"

And this is true. Compared to the majority of American's we don't have a lot of stuff in our home. But even organizing the three hundred items in our home feels a bit overwhelming. I'm itching to get rid of the excess.

Stuff restricts your freedom of movement. Theoretically, we could leave for Portland tomorrow. But figuring out what to do with all our stuff would be problematic.

This will be the best moving experience of our lives by far. We'll make one trip to Portland, with all of our stuff in the back of a truck. Our new apartment will be very minimal and that makes me happy.

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