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6 Steps Toward a Simple Wardrobe

If you're interested in downsizing your closet, consider incorporating some of my wardrobe rules into your life...

1. Is it comfortable?

Clothes must be comfortable. Life is too short to spend time in tight clothes or things you think are "fashionable" but hate wearing.

Clothes that I didn't like ended up hanging in my closet for months. Why not give them to someone who will actually wear them?

2. One in, one out.

Every time I purchase something new, one item is donated to the thrift store.

3. Be wary of jobs that require new clothes.

Any job that requires a whole new wardrobe is not my style. I don't mind dressing up, but I refuse to spend a lot of money on new clothes.

4. Less is more.

Owning a limited amount of clothes means I don't fret over what to wear. Prior to downsizing, I spent an incredible amount of time trying to decide what to wear and changing in and out of uncomfortable outfits. Having a few, comfortable, high quality items in my closet makes life a lot easier.

5. Purchase high quality items.

I do my best to buy high quality items from the local thrift store. I want items that are timeless and actually last for more than a few months. In the past, I shopped at WalMart and Target but found out quickly that my money was being wasted. The clothes wore down quickly and both companies have a bad track record when it comes to sweatshop labor.

6. Create your own style.

I'm not worried about the latest styles. I don't pour over fashion magazines. Generally, I buy what I like and feel good about it. I just try to listen to my instinct, not shop on impulse, and save up for expensive items.

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