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Minimalist Library

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Every book I read changes my life for the better by shifting my perspective and challenging my belief system. For example, I'm reading No Impact Man and have started thinking about eliminating plastic from my life and changing my consumption patterns. The book talks about conserving and sharing resources. I want to share these ideas with others and will pass the book onto the local library.

A few years ago I probably would have kept No Impact Man on my library shelf. Before downsizing, we had a huge book library. After a lot of thought and consideration we decided to donate the majority of our books to the local library.

Below are some of the questions I considered when downsizing my personal library...

  1. Does the pride of having my own library outweigh the burden of moving my books to a new apartment?
  2. Have I re-read or referred to any of these books within the last year?
  3. If I'm not going to re-read any books, why keep them? Wouldn't it be better to share?
  4. Why buy more books when I can easily check them out of the local library?

If you're thinking about downsizing your personal library, consider asking yourself similar questions.

I still buy books (usually when the library doesn't have them on the shelf or the waiting list is super long). After I'm done reading my new or used book, I donate them to the library.

Please leave a comment and tell me about your personal library.

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