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Happy Links: From Blogging to Building Codes

the many faces of elaina {Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

Registration for “Writing in the Digital Age” closes today; Friday, May 3rd at 6pm PST. I hope you’ll join us for the spring session! Course details can be found here.

Now onto this week's inspiring links . . . 

A gentle approach to better blogging.

Tiny house, big heart.

Amplify your joy.

Pedal, stretch, breath.

Naj Haus: Art, nature & transformations: lessons of a tiny house.

Coming up for air.

Sentimental stuff and clutter.

Thoughts on wine, wonder and worth.

On my nightstand: "Carry on Warrior," "I Can Barely Take Care of Myself" and “Cracking The Code: Tiny Houses And Building Codes.”

What are you reading this week?

Be well, Tammy

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