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How I Organize My Tiny Kitchen

{Note: During February, I decided to experiment with my writing and focus on a theme. This month’s theme is: noticing life’s lovely details.}

Lately, I’ve been interested in macro photography and over the weekend I took a lot of pictures of my kitchen. While I was taking photos, I started thinking about how a well organized kitchen makes my life lovely. I’ve been getting a lot of emails from readers asking how we organize our little house. Today, I decided to share a few key ways we keep our tiny kitchen organized and lovely.

Less stuff, more multi-purpose items.

Logan and don’t have a lot of kitchen stuff. Instead, we use multi-purpose items that keep our kitchen clutter free. To see a full list of what’s in our tiny kitchen, click here.

Use vertical space.

We have a lot of storage in our tiny kitchen. For example, we have a shelf above our kitchen counter and it holds holds glasses, dishes, and other goodies. Right below that shelf we installed mason jars to hold spices, coffee, and tea. It’s a great way to keep bottles and jars off the counter. In addition, we have a magnetic block that holds knives, scissors, and other kitchen tools. These solutions are visually appealing and save space.

Space saving containers.

In addition to using vertical space, we recently purchased a new organizer for our silverware. We used to have a flat plastic container that slipped into our drawer. It worked for organization, but it got dirty quickly. Now we use a wooden holder that sits upright and it fits into one of our cabinets perfectly. Our old silverware drawer is now used for towels and napkins.

A fruit-basket & mason jars.

Since we don’t have a refrigerator, we eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and grains. Our vegetables and fruit are placed in a basket that hangs out on our front porch and we use mason jars to store grains, like rice.

Reader Comments

I love asking for feedback on Google+. Yesterday I asked, “If you could give someone one tip to keep their kitchen organized, what would it be?

Below are a few great tips, from readers:

“I find that cleaning up WHILE I cook is a great way to not only stay organized but also to keep from becoming overwhelmed post-supper.” -Andrew Odom

"Organization to me is having less. We down sized our kitchen a while back. We have four dinner plates, four salad plates, four bowls. It makes it a lot easier to stack and if we ever have guests we just use what we've got, some people get plates so get bowls. Also Canning jars, make great drinking glasses in a pinch. Also take advantage of vertical space. We hang most of our pots and cutting boards." -Foy Spicer

"Staging items where you use them most. All prep equipment together where you do your prep, all serving ware near where you cook or near the table where you eat etc. It makes it easy to find things at the times you need them. "-Beth Revels

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