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I share a weekly essay and a monthly roundup of 10 happy links on RowdyKittens.com.

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“For very intentional reasons, I deleted my Facebook page last year and unsubscribed from most email lists. This felt like yet another way to make my life and my head less noisy and more purposeful. The only email lists that I chose to continue to be on are yours, the Writer’s Almanac, American Poetry Review, and Poem a Day. Your essays, links, photos, and thoughts are consistently thoughtful, inspiring, and resonant. I always find much to appreciate in them. Thank you very much.”

“I enjoy Tammy’s blog, writings, reflections and photography because there is a vulnerability, a genuine quality and a reaching for joy. She writes about simple things, with gratitude; nothing is rushed or forced. Her choice of books and websites always sends me down a path of exploration that is unexpected, and I come back wiser and happier from my adventures. I took a writing class from her and benefitted greatly from it. Tammy is truly a gem. Thank you for putting yourself out there for all of us!”

“You were one of the first to introduce me to the joys of minimalism. I’m enjoying the journey and the insights your blog and book have provided.”

“I discovered you through your adventure with tiny house living. Your book was inspirational and made me re-think my lifestyle. I follow a few like-minded bloggers, but I really connect with your writing and points of view.”

“The evolution of Tammy’s journey is inspiring and real, and I feel privileged to be on it, in my own tiny way. In addition to her lovely blog, books and photos, she sends a weekly roundup of her favorite discoveries. I so look forward to this! I’ve discovered so much about myself, and other wonderful people, through all of Tammy’s work, and am very grateful for what she does.”

“Thank you for all the content you publish throughout the year. I know you are making a difference in people’s lives. I know you have made a difference in mine.”

“When I pull up one of Tammy’s shots of a cat, a journal, a pen, and a mug, I close my eyes, breathe deeply, and allow the relaxation of that captured moment to exist in my body. She has given me the greatest gifts with her photos: calm, quiet, hope! Her small images with big feeling lead me back to my art, writing, reading, and playing. They are loving reminders for me to get back to Self.

I am pregnant, with a small toddler, and when I get moments I can devote to creativity, they last only a fraction of the time that they used to. I have accepted and embraced these quick bursts of painting or beading or knitting: they are just another method of creation. But, I miss the good ol’ days where a painting session would last hours! Uninterrupted hours of pure color, thought, process, textures, and experiences. That was pure bliss. Unconscious peace and indescribable ‘zoning out.’

I’ll get there again. One day. Until then, I will continue my swipe of violet on canvas, a cast-on of six stitches, and a quick look at Tammy’s ‘Morning Views’ for a little pep in my step. Her photos prove there is light at the end of the tunnel! I know it is possible to drink tea and open a journal without a lil’ happy scribbler crawling on my lap with pens and highlighters. And someday, when that happens, I’m going to make it last FOUR hours.”
—Maggie Bailey Seebach

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