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Happy Links: 15% Completed

{This week: Minimalism, creativity, writing books, and more.}

Here’s a list of my favorite links, listens, and good reads from the past week:

1. 15% completed.

2. Farai Harreld on minimalism, mindfulness, and conscious parenting.

3. You know what to do.

4. 10 things I learned while writing my last book.

5. And speaking of books, my sister-in-law, Tina Gower, released a new book—Half Cup Magic!

6. Should a Freelance Writer Have a Blog? (via Joy)

7. A great piece by Zan Romanoff on the joy of personal writing, and why many writers choose to share some work for free.

8. One of my favorite newsletters is three cents by Manjula Martin. It’s about creative work, money, and love.

9. Spirit Wanderess Photography.

10. Who Gets Left Out of the Advice to ‘Make Your Own Happiness’—an excellent piece about the problems with positive psychology.

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Have a lovely weekend, and thanks for reading!

With gratitude,

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  • CA March 2, 2018, 6:10 am

    Dear Tammy-
    I just wanted to echo point number 10 of your link number 6 (that’s a mouth full!). I’ve made lots of changes over the last few years (leaving a career I hated to come to medical school). I’ve also been continually shedding possessions during that time. I started with a 3 bedroom house crammed to the hilt with stuff (you could hardly walk in one of the bedrooms – clothes piled on the bed, boxes of extra china on the floor). I still have an embarrassing amount of stuff, but it’s MUCH better than it was. My goal is for my possessions to not dictate where I consider residency programs (applications occur in just 6 months – think tiny apartments in large cities).
    Your writing has been a huge inspiration for me through all of this. I checked out your book from my local library and devoured it. I have followed your blog for a long time. When I start to feel like my life is getting off track, I often re-read some of your old blog posts for inspiration (and they never fail to deliver!). Thank you for all that you do – you do make more difference than you’ll ever know! As soon as I have an income again, I’ll definitely support you on Patron. Until then, I’m eternally grateful how much you share on your blog and via email. Thank you – and happy weekend!

  • Kal March 5, 2018, 8:13 pm

    Love your weekly links. I always look forward to it <3

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