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My Favorite Cafés in Yreka, CA

Thanks for your lovely comments and emails about my recent post—The Best Cafés in Ashland, OR. Based on feedback from Ashland readers, I need to schedule a field trip and patronize a few more cafés in Ashland.

I love Ashland, but I spend most of my time in Yreka, CA because it’s my hometown. Currently, I have two favorite writing and coffee haunts in Yreka:

1. Zephyr Books & Coffee is located in old town Yreka off Miner Street. I adore this little café and the owners. They serve locally roasted Northbound Coffee, delicious baked goods, and have a wonderful selection of used books. I live relatively close to Zephyr, and it’s become my second office.

2. The Starbucks in Yreka is another favorite writing spot because the coffee is good, the baristas are friendly, and it’s always buzzing with energy. Also, whenever I write at Starbucks, I bump into fellow CrossFitters or my mother-in-law. Small town life is fun!

In the past, I’ve patronized Nature’s Kitchen and Misty’s Wet Yer Whistle Espresso Bar. Both are fantastic places to drink coffee and eat delicious treats. As a bonus, Nature’s Kitchen serves yummy meals; one of my favorite dishes is the stuffed avocado salad. I need to visit these establishments more often.

If you’re traveling through Northern California, I hope you’ll stop for coffee in Yreka or consider extending your stay. There is so much to see and do in Siskiyou County!

With gratitude,

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