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July Happy Links: The Netherlands & Good Reads

Photo by Tammy Strobel

{This month: Grammarly, The Five-Minute Journal, an action checklist, and more.}


Our trip to The Netherlands is approaching quickly, and I’m excited. While I’m in Amsterdam, I’m going to host an informal reader meet-up. If chatting about living simply, creativity, everyday adventures, and good coffee sound fun, RSVP here.

Also, the digital version of Everyday Adventures: Tiny Quests to Spark Your Creative Life is on sale for $1.99 until the end of July August!

With that, below are ten happy links that inspired me this month. I hope you enjoy them, too!

1. My sweet husband, Logan, told me about Grammarly a few months ago. I finally signed up for the service and love it!

2. I needed to change my gratitude practice because it was getting stale, so I bought The Five-Minute Journal. My first entry was on July 8, 2017, and I’ve been writing in it daily. It was a small purchase that’s brought so much joy into my everyday life.

3. A helpful resource: Weekly Action Checklist for Democrats, Independents, and Republicans of Conscience.

4. Thoughtful questions to consider: 10 questions for mid-year reflection and Do you need that?

5. Beautiful: A land you learn to love slowly.

6. Real talk: Who’s Driving Your Uber?

7. Why I Quit Freelancing (to Really Work for Myself).

8. My friend Shanna started a sweet new site. It’s called Average White Van!

9. During July, I read Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. Check out my favorite quotes here.

10. Instagram accounts that inspire me: @melissa_hartwig, @fiveminutejournal & @bemorewithless.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed my link roundup, buy a book or share this post with a friend. Thanks!

With gratitude,

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  • Sarah Penner August 6, 2017, 11:52 am

    Hi Tammy,

    I went looking for your post on scaling back social media. It was really helpful. I’m reading some of your links from this page right now as well. I’ve wanted to get away from it but family tends to use social media as a means. Deactivating my facebook account has meant shutting a lot of people out who use the “convenience” factor to keep up. I’ve accepted that the ones who are going to stick with me will use texting or pay the phone bill. I spend way too much “down” time on it, and what I really need to be doing is spending my down time by a lake or body of water of some sort to decompress from a long week. I’ve been thinking of using a blog to share my photos of things we’re doing for people to casually keep up with us but I don’t want that to become a time drain either.

    I’ve loved watching your journey. I met you on a tiny house forum about 10 years ago when you were still toying with a blog. I appreciate your speed. And yes, I’m the same one that bugs you on instagram when I’m driving through Yreka on my way to Redding to visit my grandparents.