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May Happy Links: A Stitch of Time

{This month: Language & life, magic, becoming a badass, and more.}

Photo by Tammy Strobel

Below are ten happy links that inspired me this month. I hope you enjoy them, too!

1. A Stitch of Time: The Year a Brain Injury Changed My Language and Life by Lauren Marks is an incredible memoir about language, life, loss, and love.

2. If you like magical books that include werewolves, witches, and other awesome characters, I highly recommend reading The Outlier Prophecies series by Tina Gower. In early May, I finished reading Book 6 and it was fantastic!

3. Jen Sincero’s books You Are a Badass at Making Money and You Are a Badass are highly motivating.

4. This looks so cool: Goodnewspaper – A printed newspaper full of good news.

5. A touching interview: Resilience After Unimaginable Loss.

6. Truth: The True Hard Work of Love and Relationships.

7. YES: It’s Time to Embrace Slow Technology.

8. Lucy Kalanithi on what makes life worth living in the face of death.

9. The latest Tiny House Magazine was released a few weeks ago. Check it out!

10. I’m collaborating with the Women’s Business Center at JEDI. We’re hosting a FREE webinar on Wednesday, June 14, 2017, called The Art & Discipline of Blogging. Sign-up here.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed my link roundup, please share this post with a friend or buy a book.

With gratitude,

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  • Trent Gilliss May 31, 2017, 8:11 am

    Thanks so much for the mentions of our two interviews with Alain and Sheryl + Adam! We’re really proud of how they turned out, and are so glad you found them useful too.

    • Tammy Strobel June 1, 2017, 7:47 am

      You’re welcome! I really enjoyed the interviews. 🙂

  • Joy June 2, 2017, 6:41 am

    Glad for some more book recommendations, i’ve got some great reads from checking yours.