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Shades of Pink

“I may be driven by near-impossible dreams, but the ethic that arches broader and moves me even more than reaching for the stars is simply: engaging. To me, a life in retreat, a stagnant life, is not a life well lived. What I admire is pushing forward—onward.”
—Diana Nyad, Find Way

A few weeks ago, I participated in Elaine Frenett’s art journaling class at the Ashland Art Center in Ashland, OR. I arrived in Ashland early so I could take photographs because I had a feeling the spring colors would be stunning. My intuition was correct. Spring has sprung in Ashland!

I wanted to take all the flowers home. Instead, I decided to shoot lots of snapshots to share with you. I hope this photo roundup inspires you to go outside and engage in the world. Enjoy!

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With gratitude,

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  • Julie S. March 28, 2016, 8:12 am

    I love spring – took some photos yesterday myself. The close up of the magnolia and the wreath around the mug are gorgeous! 🙂

  • Ann March 31, 2016, 12:57 am

    Really gorgeous photos!
    Here, the ground is still frozen and the flowers are a month away, I guess.
    It is really hard to imagine that spring will come and the trees will have leaves again, but the photos really helped.
    Thank you!

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