A Photo Essay: The Sundial Bridge & Coffee

by Tammy Strobel on December 1, 2013

Sundial Bridge, taken with iPhone 5s

Duck friend on the Sacramento River, taken with iPhone 5s

Pano; taken with iPhone 5s

Mama Cat at the Sacramento River

Sacramento River, taken with iPhone 5s

Post walk coffee at the Coffee Bar

The Coffee Bar in Redding, CA

Pictured above . . .

For more photo fun . .

1 Anne-Marie December 1, 2013

Have never been to the sun dial bridge. Looks nice!
And I can tell it was quite a bit warmer than here.
This coming week will be very cold where we live. A “historic arctic blast.”

2 Dan December 1, 2013

Hey, I was just there, like three times, over the weekend! Let me know if you need any ideas for good cycling, mountain-biking, running, or hiking opportunities around the north-state. :)

3 Jeff December 2, 2013

I grew up in Redding, though I live far away now and have no family there anymore. I love experiencing the outdoors anywhere, but nowhere else is quite like Northern California and your pictures take me back every time.

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