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Happy Links: Magazines I Love & Other Goodies

Everyday Magic{Every week, I publish a series of inspiring links. Enjoy!}

Recently, I’ve been reading three awesome magazines . . .

Flow, Anthology and Cereal are beautiful publications. I love the layout, the essays, and the photography in each issue. I read plenty of online articles and my Kindle rocks. Although, I prefer reading print publications. I love the feel of paper in my hands and it’s delightful to spend time offline.

When I’m done reading a magazine (or book), I create a care-package and send it to a friend. Sharing inspiring reading material is so fun!

Now onto more happy links for the weekend . . .

e-course fun: The Goodblog Project and Everyday Magic are available for self-study.

Margaret Atwood: Alice Munro’s road to Nobel literature prize was not easy.

A packing ninja reveals her secrets.

Three things I believe (about the future of publishing).


Chalk & chocolate: Gorgeous images from Cereal Magazine.

What I’ve learned about creating meaningful work.

What are you reading this week? Leave your recommendations in the comments section.

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  • Heather October 17, 2013, 4:21 pm

    Thank you, Tammy. Red hair makes you feel like a superhero!

    • Tammy Strobel October 20, 2013, 9:07 am

      Heather – I love your red hair. It rocks!

  • Cynthia October 17, 2013, 4:35 pm

    I love the look of Cereal; looking forward to exploring it more. Love this: http://readcereal.com/iceland/

  • Martha Johnson October 18, 2013, 5:00 am

    My latest fav magazine: Taproot http://www.taprootmag.com/

    • Tammy Strobel October 20, 2013, 9:05 am

      Thanks for sharing Martha! I will check out Taproot. 🙂

  • M. October 18, 2013, 6:17 am

    My step-mom and I trade books. Or, more often, I send her the books I finish if I’ve bought them and they are hard copy. She reads so much, and I am trying to keep books from building up in my little NYC apartment, so it works perfectly. She in turn donates them to the library in her small WI town. And media mail is inexpensive! She just gave me Murray Bail’s Camouflage: Stories, a collection from Australia. Can’t wait to read it when I finish Neverwhere.

    • Tammy Strobel October 20, 2013, 9:07 am

      M, that is awesome! 🙂

  • Lisa October 18, 2013, 6:17 am

    Hello! I recently discovered your site and am enjoying it very much! 🙂

    This week I started and finished “By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept” by Paulo Coelho. In addition, I splurged and ordered the first year (4 issues) of Taproot Magazine. It should arrive in today’s mail and I look forward to savoring it over the weekend. Oh! And the current issue of Yes Magazine, as well. I continue to be nourished and inspired by their profound presence in our world.

    Warm Regards,


    • Tammy Strobel October 20, 2013, 9:13 am

      Thanks for reading my blog, Lisa! I’m tempted to order Taproot. It looks like an amazing magazine! 🙂

  • Susan October 18, 2013, 6:21 am

    The packing ninja article was inspiring. I travel 3 to 5 times a year back east to visit aging parents and other relatives. I stay 7 to 14 days each visit. My husband thinks I am the queen of packing because when he comes along I also pack his stuff in a roll on. For the most part men’s clothing seems a bit bulky to me so it is a challenge to get it all in the suitcase. Anyway I see I may need to step up my game! I hope he doesn’t read the ninja article I would hate to lose the queen status. Even a queen can learn a few things so I am off to rethink(again)and sharpen my packing skills….even queens can learn a thing or two from a ninja! 🙂

  • Elizabeth October 19, 2013, 9:38 am

    Marianne Elliott, the “packing ninja” above, is an amazing woman. Her book, Zen Under Fire, which describes her time in Afghanistan as a UN human rights advocate, is inspiring in its honesty and description. I highly recommend it to you!

    • Tammy Strobel October 19, 2013, 3:22 pm

      Elizabeth – Marianne’s book was amazing! I pre-ordered a copy and devoured it in early June. It was a very good read. Hugs. 🙂

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