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August Break: From Circles to Kitten Love


View from the therapy pool

yellow flowers

move without pain

Elvis kitten


Please note: Participating in The August Break is part of my self-care plan. During the month of August, I won’t be telling stories with words. Instead, I will only be posting photo essays to the blog. My normal posting schedule will resume in September.

Want to join The August Break? Click here.

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  • beachmama August 5, 2013, 9:35 am

    So happy to see you have Martha’s book Tammy . . . Merle and I have been doing Somatics together every night for the past few nights. Merle does the practice daily whereas I only participate when I’m in pain : / I’ve been experiencing a lot of ankle pain (old compound fracture injury) when I return from my beach walks so started practicing with him. I’m pain-free in two days! That’s remarkable since I’ve been hobbling around for weeks (I’m a bit of a knuckle-head). Funny too that you should photograph your book . . . a few days ago I was shooting pictures in the house and took one of my ‘Move Without Pain’ book lying on my yoga mat . . .

    I appreciate August break but just couldn’t help myself from commenting : ) Wishing you well . . .

  • Sandra Pawula August 5, 2013, 4:10 pm

    Tammy, You have such a knack for capturing your kittens in the perfect poses! I love this spread.