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Everyday Magic: Vistas & Furry Friends

{Every week, I run a photography series called “Everyday Magic.” Enjoy!}

I’ve received a lot of inquires about my photography ecourse. Unfortunately, it’s too late to register for the winter course. However, the next class will start in April, so if you couldn’t take the winter course there will be an opportunity to register in the spring. For those of you who signed-up, thank you! I love the community that forms with each class; it makes me happy.

Also, registration for my winter writing class is open! It starts on February 4th! I hope you’ll join us. Learn about Writing in the Digital Age by clicking here.

Enjoy today’s photo round-up and have a lovely weekend!

“It’s a powerful thing to use our viewfinders to picture the world around us. Photography provides us with the perfect way to express ourselves . . . With each image, no matter the subject at hand, we illuminate what matters most to us, and that is not only inspiring, it’s transformative.”

~Tracey Clark, Expressive Photography

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