August 2012

{Every week, I publish a small round-up of my favorite articles, books, photos, and other goodies. Enjoy!}

I can’t believe the big move is approaching so quickly. We only have four more days left in Portland! Over the weekend, we’ll pack up a few odds and ends in the house and on Monday we’ll move the house out of the yard and get it hooked up to the truck. We’re planning on leaving Portland bright and early Tuesday morning. I’m excited about this big change and I’m also sad. I’m going to miss my neighbors, friends, and Portland itself.

It’s also hard to believe that my dad, Mahlon, won’t be helping us move. During my adult life, he helped me with every move. In short, he spent a lot of time schlepping my stuff all over Northern California and to Oregon too. Mahlon even had a chance to help us move a few things into the tiny house. I was so happy that he saw the little house before he died. And I hope he’ll be here in spirt for the tiny house move too.

Now onto this week’s inspiring links . . .

Right now I’m reading: Hector and the Search for Happiness, Torch, & tiny beautiful things. I also updated my reading list last week.

Super sweet pictures by Susannah.

This is brilliant! Evernote and Moleskine are bridging the notebook gap.

What’s in your bag?

Such a great series: Simplicity in Action.

Infographic: How To Make Every Coffee Drink You Ever Wanted.

Loving this site. The photography is gorgeous and the sweets look good too.

Living happily with less.

Take some time and explore Midway Simplicity.

I’ve been looking into outdoor showers for the ranch. These are sweet!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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