An Ode to Sugar

by Tammy Strobel on July 2, 2012


Why I’m Quitting Sugar. by RowdyKittens


Ever since my step-dad, Mahlon, passed away I’ve been eating a lot of sugar. In the weeks after his death, the only food I felt like eating included fruit, flavored yogurt, and scones. My drink of choice? Frappuccinos.

In short, my diet has been sugar heavy and if I’m really honest with myself — and you — it’s been this way since Mahlon had his first stroke in January. By March, I noticed how horrible my eating habits were and considered quitting sugar. I finally decided to give the challenge a try after my friend Vic emailed me. We decided to do this as a team and to hold each other accountable during the next few months.

So on Sunday, July 1, my no-sugar plan began. I went to the co-op and loaded up on eggs, nuts, coconut flakes, cheese and more. The first week of the program is all about scaling back on the amount of sugar you eat. I love this strategy because I don’t accept outright eating bans well and it gives me time to start developing a new habit. As Sarah says, “This first week is about a few easy, simple changes that aren’t too detailed or complicated, but that get you aware of options.”

I’ll be following Sarah Wilson’s no-sugar plan, gauging how the experience feels and writing about it too. I have a feeling that it will be good for both my body and mind.

Have you ever given up sugar? Share your story in the comments section.


Want more information on quitting sugar? Check out Sarah Wilson’s ebook, I Quit Sugar.

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