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Something Inspiring: Pinterest

{Every week, I publish a small round-up of my favorite things. Enjoy!}

Recently, I’ve been thinking about the importance of play in my life and the tools I use to have fun. There are a few online tools that foster my sense of play, including Google+ and Instagram. Both networks feed my need for discovering new things and beautiful images. And earlier this week I joined Pinterest.

I don’t have room for a traditional inspiration board in my tiny house and Pinterest is the perfect solution to my problem. I can create inspiration boards, that don’t take up physical space, and share, discover, and pin inspiring stuff too! You can see my boards here.

Micro-action: Make a list of activities that foster a sense of play in your life. For example, in addition to finding fun stuff online, I love sending packages to friends, riding my bike, and napping on Sunday afternoons.

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