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My Daily Photo and Note, Plus a Little Puppy Love

Last week, I received a few emails from readers asking about my daily photo and note. Specifically, they wanted to know what the project is all about and how to sign-up.

My theme for 2012 is experiment and I’ve been doing a lot of experiments with photography lately. I’ve been going on excursions everyday and sending out a small story and photo to subscribers. You might be thinking, “why not post this content to the site?” Well, RowdyKittens isn’t a photoblog and I have no desire to start another site. Instead, I opted to send out my photos and short stories via email.

If you’re interested in signing up, do so here. If you’re an existing email subscriber, you’ll need to update your subscription preferences. And if this project isn’t your thing feel free to ignore this message. I’ll still be posting content to the blog on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

Finally, take a look at a note I sent out last week.



Our little house is parked in the backyard of a friendly couple and I feel really comfortable and safe here. It’s an amazing feeling to know our neighbors actually care about us. And as an added bonus, I get to spend time with two of the cutest dogs on the planet. Our neighbors have an older dog, Nola, and a puppy named Gnetti.

In the mornings they come over and literally run around the house and play. Toys are scattered across the lawn and the dogs have spent so much time running around the house that they have blazed a trail into the grass. It looks like a race track, albeit a nontraditional one.

After Nola and Gnetti are done playing they wait on the front porch for a treat. Both dogs know a little bit of sign-language so I put my hand to my chest and say, “Sit.” They obey and wait patiently for their heart shaped dog treats.

These cute critters remind me to approach everyday with a playful attitude.


A Special Sale

On January 16, Stephanie Wetzel of Trading Pounds and Barrie Davenport of Live Bold and Bloom, will launch The Empowerment Pack, a package of over 25 personal development and self-improvement courses, books, and guides being offered for a 90% discount. All three of my books will be part of this sale. It’s an amazing deal, so be sure to check it out.

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