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Space Saving Tips for a Tiny House

{A quick note: It turns out I can’t stay away from blogging for long. I wasn’t going to post anything until the new year, but I forgot about these lovely links and wanted to share the following post with you too. Also, I’m heading down to California tomorrow, via train, and I’ll be finishing up my annual review. Happy New Year!}

Right before Christmas I received a request from HGTV. Specifically, the staff member asked me to share tiny house space-saving tips and photos too. I don’t know if they will use the content in their show, but I wanted to share my responses with you.

1. Our house.

Living in a small house means you have less space to store stuff. Our little house is about the size of a parking spot. It’s 8 feet wide, 16 feet long, and 13.5 feet tall and it’s roughly 128 square feet. It sounds like a super small space, but the height and windows make the house seem much larger on the inside.

2. The kitchen.

We have a lot of storage in our tiny kitchen. For example, we have a shelf above our kitchen counter and it holds holds glasses, dishes, and other goodies. Right below that shelf we installed mason jars to hold spices, coffee, and tea. It’s a great way to keep bottles and jars off the counter. In addition, we have a magnetic block that holds knives, scissors, and other kitchen tools. These solutions are visually appealing and save space.

3. The loft.

The loft is above our kitchen. It’s cozy, warm, and it’s a perfect space for sleeping in such tiny quarters. By using vertical space the loft is a great solution to create more room in our tiny house.

4. The window nook.

The window nook is awesome because it serves many purposes. It’s a great reading area and underneath is storage space. Plus it doubles as a single bed. You just slide the sitting platform out and you have a sleeping space for company! In addition, we have french doors right by the window nook and it makes the space feel even more open.

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