Something Inspiring: The Sprocket Podcast

by Tammy Strobel on November 21, 2011

{Something Inspiring is a series of short essays that highlight an articlephoto, or campaign that inspired me. Enjoy!}

On Sunday we had a podcast party in the tiny house! Seven people, two cats, four microphones, a soundboard, computers, and lots of cords fit into our home. It was a blast!

We talked about the tiny house and life without a cell phone too. Listen in by clicking here and consider subscribing to The Sprocket Podcast.


Check out the photos I took during the recording.

Logan prepares food by the soundboard. . .

Brock, Brandon and Logan set-up . . .

Brock . . .

Dave and Heather . . .

1 Sunday November 22, 2011

will definitely be checking out the podcast. in the meantime, what is Brock drinking? it looks like a stout or something equally dark and delicious :) i <3 beer!

2 Tammy Strobel November 22, 2011

@Sunday – It’s a stout. I can’t recall the name of the beer. Sorry!

3 Logan November 22, 2011

Hopworks 7-grain Survival Stout! :^)

4 Sunday November 22, 2011

thanks, Logan!

5 Benny Rebergen November 22, 2011

Hi Tammy, Lovely to hear how you guys are living now. Savor it. It sounds great! :)

6 carolyn November 26, 2011

tammy- tonight I found you when i googled “downsizing blogs”. imagine my surprise and delight to see your last name- it’s my maiden name and one you don’t see often!

we’re starting on a journey to simplify our lives and downsizing is a piece of that. thanks for the great information and perspective. we’re working on decluttering now and hope to move to a smaller home in 2012.

i’ll be back for more inspiration- thank you!!


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