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What do you do for fun?

Simple FunEditor’s Note: Every Friday, I post a Simple Living News Update that includes links to some of my favorite articles of the week. In addition to the update, I answer a reader question via video.

The question . . .

“I love the idea of simple living. But what do you do for fun?”

My response . . .

I don’t have a video message for you today, but I answered the same question last year and wrote a post in response. If you’re looking for inexpensive entertainment options, read A Simple Guide to Having Fun. 🙂

Now onto the news . . .

America’s Top Cities for Bike Commuting: Happier, Too

“A nationwide analysis shows that towns where people bike to work are richer, fitter, and more successful in many other ways.”

A Letter of Compassion & a Call to Action for the Passionate Young Folks

“We come to the cloud sometimes and see a person in their present state and we may berate ourselves because we are not at that stage of success or life yet. But, that person before you has bussed tables, sweated bullets in manual labor jobs, panicked when looking at an empty bank account and felt the sorrows and joys of life. The person who stands before you does so because of the peaks and valleys they fought their way through- using any means they knew how- in order to shine before you today. Never forget that little fact.”

Big House, Little House

“Over the years, though, the house has become less of an oasis and more of a chore. Today, it seems like a burden. Yes, the yard is beautiful, but it requires constant maintenance. I’d rather be writing than pruning shrubs. And ninety minutes to mow the lawn? Ugh. Plus, the house itself seems too big for two people — even with all of our Stuff. We have whole rooms we rarely use. In short, this is no longer my dream house.”

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