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What I’m Reading

Editor’s Note: Every Friday, I post a Simple Living News Update that includes links to some of my favorite articles of the week. In addition to the update, I answer a reader question via video.

I’ve received a few emails this week asking . . .

“What blogs are you currently reading?”

Here’s my response . . .

For those of you who can’t watch the video, here’s a summary of my talk:

Last week, I unsubscribed from all of the blogs in my Google Reader because I wanted to start with a clean slate. Why? Well . . .

I was trying to keep up with too many authors and I couldn’t give each blog my full attention. I found myself scanning the content and not absorbing much. I haven’t added any blogs back into my reader yet because I’ve been finding a lot of useful information on twitter. When I stumble across a cool article I save the reading for later. Readability is a great tool for this purpose.

In addition, I’m starting to subscribe to more letters and one of the best is by Crystal Silver. And speaking of letters, consider subscribing to mine.

Micro-action: Think about the blogs you read and what you gain (or lose) from the content. Have you thought about starting fresh and zeroing out your feed reader?

Now onto the news . . .

Why You Should Quit the Internet

“Our brains are not wired to be made happy by the internet. Our emotions, like fear and joy, are based in a primal understanding of the world. This is something we can’t escape.

Saying the web is important to your life is like saying that television is important. It might be social, sure, but it’s still media. It can help connect but it also divides in a very fundamental way.

Touching a screen isn’t the same as touching a person.

The best stuff happens outside the web. Outside is new and frightening, not comfortable. Encountering pain helps transform your vision of yourself and forces you to grow.”

Tumbleweed Tiny House Building Workshop

“The idealism of the small-house world is undeniable, but it usually emerges from being steeped in too much reality. Lives of excess, divorce, and jobs taking advantage of other people all bring small-housers around to the philosophy of voluntary simplicity. This phrase was first coined in 1936 and is marked by attention to the following tenets: material simplicity, self-determination, ecological awareness, human scale, and personal growth. No matter how differently small-housers live, they are all concerned with these aspects of voluntary simplicity to some degree, and all believe that living in small homes positively addresses these concerns.”

24 Quick Actions You Can Do Today That Can Change Your Financial Life Forever

“We talked about our obsession with the debt-fueled life path and how it’s keeping millions trapped.

But talk is cheap.

I’m much more interested in action.

And this week, I want to do my part to shatter any excuses or justifications you may have. Below are 24 different actions that can be done this very day. Most are really quick (as quick as a few minutes) and others will require a chunk of your evening after the kids go to bed.”

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